Lureaux Sokken Box (Maat 39-47)

Lureaux Sokken Box (Maat 39-47)

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Lureaux Sokken Box (Maat 39-47)

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Indien uw schoenmaat 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 of 47 heeft, dan zult u deze sokken zeker passen
Met 5 paar sokken in verschillende kleuren bent u voorlopig voorzien
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94% houdt zijn Lureaux items, maar voor het geval dat... 100 dagen gratis ruilen en retourneren
Lureaux sokken worden met de hand gemaakt in dezelfde ateliers als de luxe designer sokken van de bekende modehuizen. Wij hanteren een direct-to-consumer model: wij leveren direct aan de consument. Geen tussenhandelaren. Enkel de minimaal vereiste marge. Hiermee ontvangt u ongekend veel luxe voor een zeer voordelige bedrag. Zo ontvangt u een sokken met een waarde van €100+ voor één derde van de prijs! Een ongeëvenaarde prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding.


Lureaux shoes are slightly larger in length: about half a shoe size. There is a simple rule of thumb to determine your correct LUREAUX SIZE (96% fit the shoes immediately):
- Half Sizes: If you typically wear ½ sizes (for example EU size 42.5), we recommend sizing down (to EU size 42 for example).
- Full Sizes: If you typically wear a full size (for example EU size 43), we recommend the same size for the best possible fit and comfort (size EU 43 for example).

EU Sizes For example, do you always wear size 44? Order size 44. Do you sometimes wear size 43 and the other time size 44? Then choose size 43. Lureaux shoes have width size G. Do you have narrow feet, average wide feet or are your feet slightly on the wide side? Then Lureaux shoes must certainly fit.
UK Sizes For example, do you always wear size UK size 5? Then order size 5 below. Do you sometimes wear size 5 and sometimes size 6? Then choose size 5. Lureaux shoes have width size G. Do you have narrow feet, average wide feet or are your feet slightly on the wide side? Then Lureaux shoes must certainly fit.

Lureaux Shoes come in width size G. Do you have narrow feet, average wide feet or are your feet slightly on the wide side? Then Lureaux shoes must certainly fit. Still not sure about your shoe size? Please measure your foot and convert your foot length to the right LUREAUX SIZE (see SIZE CHART below). To measure your feet, stand on a level floor with the back of your heels against a straight edge or wall:
1. Measure your foot length: Measure your foot length by placing a ruler flat on the floor straight alongside the inside of your foot from your heal to your toes. Place an object with a flat edge straight across your toes with the edge touching the tip of your longest toe. Take the measurement from the ruler where the flat edge crosses (see image above). This is your foot length measurement (in millimeters or inches).
2. Find your LUREAUX SIZE: Check your foot length measurement in the size chart below and find the right Lureaux size (first column). You may find that one foot is longer than the other. This is quite normal, please use the larger size when asking for a size recommendation.

Lureaux Size Chart
Questions? Use our Live Chat (on this page) or send us an e-mail. If the size you order happens to not be the best fit, you can return it easily or exchange it for another size in our stock.


Would you like to know your correct belt size? Then take a measure tape. Place the measure tape around your hips. Place the measuring tape over the point where you want to wear the belt.

- Waist Size = 85-100cm (or 33.4"-39.4")? Then choose belt size 90.
- Waist Size = 100-110cm (or 39.4"-43.3")? Then choose belt size 100.
- Waist Size = 110-120cm (or 43.3"- 47.3")? Then choose belt size 110.


RULE = order your "own size". Lureaux shirts fit as you would expect. Do you normally wear an M? Then order an M. Are you in between sizes (e.g. sometimes M, sometimes L)? Then round up and order size L.
Do you want to know your shirt size exactly? Then take a tape measure to find out the number of centimeters of your:
  • Distance shoulder to shoulder
  • Chest width
  • Waist
  • Sleeve length
  • Back length
.. and then choose the shirt size that comes closest to your measurement from the table below:
Maattabel Overhemden Lureaux

CUSTOMER RATING = 9,3 (2543 reviews)


Vision Lureaux

Our mission is to make men shine in an environment dominated by drab and corny black, brown and grey shoes. We always want to stay far away from these old-fashioned and stuffy black and brown shoes and their high prices. That is why we have incorporated bold and vibrant colours into our designs.

Craft & Method Lureaux

Designers of the Lureaux shoes are of Dutch origin, revered for their class and precision. The shoes are handmade using similar methods as the well known fashion brands. Our craftsmen work in the same workshop with some of the most famous and well known fashion designers of the world. Lureaux shoes come in limited editions. Do you want to be part of this exclusive deal? Make sure you order before this item is out of stock.
Features Lureaux
Supply Chain Lureaux

Unconventional Approach & Unprecedented Low Price

We use a direct-to-consumer model, delivering the shoes straight from the factory to the final consumer – no middlemen. We only charge a minimum margin, which guarantees you unprecedented luxury and quality at ridiculously low prices. If you compare the same shoe with our competitors, it might cost more than €300. The Lureaux goes for only €100, meaning you save up to €200 on one pair. Isn’t that a competitive and unmatched price-quality ratio?

"DON'T you dare to wear our shoes? Then, DON'T buy 'em!"

This statement might sound harsh and might sound as a joke. However, it represents what we stand for. Lureaux shoes are not meant for everyone. Lureaux Shoes are NOT for people who just follow the crowd. Lureaux Shoes are not for people that are sensitive to peer pressure. Lureaux Shoes are for those who are not afraid to stand for their own opinion. Lureaux shoes belong to those who want to stand out and are ready for any eventuality. In any case, life is too short to wear boring shoes!

Soft Removable Insole

The inner sole of the shoe is made from soft leather. It guarantees you comfort as your feet can breathe easily. In addition, you can remove the inner soles and replace them with your own..

Innovation & Material Lureaux Shoes

Lureaux shoes are handmade by combining soft leather and a unique material, premium leatherette. If your mental images of this synthethics still include unbreathable materials that crack and split, it’s time to think again! This material is known for high quality. Leatherette was recently launched on the European market and has been received with great enthusiasm by both shoe specialists and consumers. Shoe specialists rank leatherette much higher compared to the most types of leather. For any contemporary high-quality manufacturer, leatherette is the go-to material for the job. Our customers also share our joy as our product and service have a 9.3 customer rating with over 2972 reliable reviews.

Some of the important features of the Lureaux shoe include

Easy to clean (you can wipe using a wet cloth)
Interchangeable/removable Inner soles
Long-lasting (even when worn regularly)
Perfect breathability
Resist scratches extraordinarily
Retains color
Unrivalled comfort
Limited Edition




Buy at least ONE PAIR OF SHOES and get 15 EURO OFF on your total order amount FOR EACH ADDITIONAL PAIR OF SHOES.
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Lureaux Gives Back

If we can ship multiple products in 1 package, we will save on shipping costs. We would like you to benefit from this. Furthermore, you will get a stacking discount. .


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