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Dress Shoes

Dress Shoes

Multicolor Designer Dress Shoes for Men

Lureaux Shoes are designed for elegant men who care about their neat look. Men should have few pairs of good quality multicolor dress shoes. That way, they may complete their outfit with a proper final touch. Of course, there are many various kinds of men’s dress shoes available nowadays. But those offered us by typical chain stores are just all the same. At Lureaux our mission is to help people stand out in a boring world of formal black, business grey and corporate blue. Lureaux Shoes are multicolor designer dress shoes that are handcrafted by passionate artisan shoemakers. Check our collection and find the style that suits you best or create it by yourself.

Buy Multicolor Men's Shoes

Lureaux Multicolor Dress Shoes redefine the age old boring black dress shoe – by adding a modern twist, new technologies, a splash of color and the best materials available. Unlike other dress shoe brands, we use a direct-to-consumer business model. The result? A €300+ premium multicolor dress shoe offered to you at less than €100.

Combine Multicolor Designer Shoes

We set out with one important goal for our company: to create the perfect multicolor dress shoes for men and women that inspire others, the leaders, the innovators. Whether you’re heading for your first job or running a large company, whether you are attending a party or business meeting, Lureaux Designer Dress Shoes make a bold, powerful statement. We asked our design and manufacturing teams to reinvent the most popular shoes of the century – Dress Shoes – and we were IMPRESSED! They came up with truly unique dress shoe styles to pick from. Check our collection of designer dress shoes on this page.

Size Advice Lureaux Multicolor And Colorful Shoes

Lureaux multicolor dress shoes are slightly larger in length: about half a shoe size. Our advice is therefore not to order a size too big. For example, do you always wear size 46? Order your multicolor dress shoes in size 46. Do you come in between two sizes (you wear size 46 and the other time size 46)? In that case, also choose size 46 for your designer dress shoes. Lureaux dress shoes are delivered in width size G. Do you have narrow feet, average wide feet or are your feet slightly on the wide side? Then Lureaux's colorful shoes will certainly fit.

Any Questions About Multicolor and Colurful Shoes

Do you have a question about our multicolor dress shoes shoes? Check our customer service page. Does not this page answer your question? Ask your question via our Live Chat (at the bottom right of this page) or fill in our contact form! We will then reply as soon as possible.