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41 - 48 - Pre-order

41 - 48 - Pre-order

Pre-Order Sale

Pre-order, pre-order or reserve men's shoes from Lureaux

We continuously try to introduce new multicolor shoe designs. It often takes a while before we have these new styles in stock. But don't worry, because the multicolor designer shoes can be reserved a few weeks in advance on this pre-order page. This way you make sure you don't miss out! Do the pre-ordered shoes not fit? If the multicolor shoes do not fit, the shoes that have pre-ordered (not shoes that are in stock) can of course simply be exchanged or returned.

Handmade Pre-Order Men's Shoes

Pre-order All Lureaux products are handmade. This makes us unique. No assembly line work, but an artisanal production process that guarantees quality. This is one of the reasons why our customers rate us as very good.

Size advice Lureaux

Pre-Order Shoes Lureaux shoes are about one size bigger than you are used to. Our advice is therefore to order one size smaller than you normally wear. An example: you normally wear size 46, then order Lureaux shoes in size 45! Do the shoes not fit? Exchange Returns are free! Questions About Lureaux Pre-Order Shoes Do you have a question? Check out our customer service page. Does this page not answer your question? Ask your question via our Live Chat (bottom right of this page) or fill in our contact form! We will then reply as soon as possible.